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Hotel CMS

Hotel CMS

Check our Hotel CMS demo.

Manage your booking's, rooms and transactions on-line.

Hotel CMS

We offer a special CMS system to people in charge of hotel structures (hotels, guest-houses, boarding-houses, etc.). Not only does it help acquire new customers but it also makes running the entire structure much easier.

Our system offers, among others, the following advantages:

  • User-friendly handling
  • Content optimized for search engines
  • The possibility to add any number of rooms
  • Credit card service
  • A website content administartion component
  • Statistics
  • A booking and transactions administration component
  • A graphic design created by a professional according to the client's requirements
  • A photo-gallery administration component
  • The possibility to work in multiple languages
  • A guests' opinions administration component

System can work as hotel management software.

Of course these are only some of our system's advantages. To obtain more information, please contact our sales department.

See Hotel CMS demo version

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