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Career – Reseller

To people who are industrious, educated, and courageous, we offer the position of reseller. We require several years of experience in IT, and high-level PR. We offer high commission!

Career- SEO (Freelancer)

We offer this position to people who are well expercienced in SEO. What we care mainly about is improving the Page Rank for specific addresses.

Career – Web Designer (Freelancer)

We seek creative graphic designers with a lot of experience. Perfect use of Photoshop required (projects are only accepted in PSD). Knowledge of Flash is very much welcome. We assess candidates on the basis of portfolios.

Career – xHTML / CSS Programmer (Freelancer)

We seek an xHTML programmer with a lot of experience (at least 20 projects finished). Coding has to be compatible with the Opera, Firefox, IE6-IE7 browsers, and with the xhtml 1.0 strict standard. Source files in PSD. Additional advantages would be knowledge of javascript and smarty. Candidates are assessed on the basis of their finished projects.

Career – PHP Programmer (Freelancer)

This position requires exceptionally high skills and very much experience! The skill of working with elements (PHP5) on the MCV model is obligatory. Candidates must have at least 5 years of experience and finished projects of large portals. We require candidates to have their own CMS systems (e.g. CMS for an online store, a car-rental business, an information portal, etc.) complete with a detailed description and a high-quality control panel.

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